Michael Goudeau - Juggler
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Michael Goudeau - Juggler

Date: Aug 02 - Aug 10, 2024

Michael Goudeau is NOT the world's greatest juggler but he's definitely the funniest. With over 15,000 appearances as the special guest artist in the Lance Burton Show in Las Vegas, Michael is sure to make you laugh, gasp, and then laugh some more.

He has performed his act all over the world: Paris, Madrid, Tokyo, Bogota, Osaka, Budapest, Santiago, Helsinki, and more. He learned his comedy act in French, Spanish, Japanese, German, and Hungarian. He doesn't speak any of those languages well enough to ask for a glass of water.

Michael’s show contains all the laughs of a great comedian combined with all the thrills of a great juggling act. This show isn't someone talking about something funny that happened, it’s funny happening right now!


Michael Goudeau juggling knives
Michael Goudeau juggling while on a unicycle
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