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Zoogvogel ride during the day
A clock telling the fair hours
What time does the fair open? It varies by day so check for opening times under "Hours & Directions". Click here for information. You don't want to show up too early!
Parking sign with free parking instructions.
Parking is FREE compliments of Nissan. Remember where you park! All lots are marked.
No pets allowed info
Pets are NOT allowed; not even on leashes or in cages. Click here for our complete policy regarding pets and animals on the fairgrounds.
Faucet with hands and soap to remind to wash hands after touching animals and before eating.
Wash your hands often! Hand washing stations are located throughout the fairgrounds, and restrooms are located inside the air conditioned arena. Keep your hands clean...especially after touching any animals!
Flip Flops with a slash thru them to remind that most rides require closed toe shoes
Planning to ride rides? Be sure you wear closed toe shoes since many of the rides require this for your safety.
Bottle of sunscreen to remind to use sunscreen
Don't forget your sunscreen! Apply frequently during sunlit visits to avoid getting sunburned!!
Lost sign giving info for finding a lost person
If lost go to the Security Tent located on the upper level of the fairgrounds next to Long Lane on the east end of the arena.
Lost & Found info
Lose something? Come to the Fair Office located to the right as you enter the front doors of the arena.
Family Fun Info
Above all else...Have FUN!!!
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