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Enter a Competition at the 2017 Williamson County Fair

Plan now to enter the Williamson County Fair competitions in August...the catalog contains the information and rules for all the competitive events at the 2017 Fair to be held August 4-12 at the Ag EXPO Park in Franklin.

First, read the General Rules and Guidelines; then go to the Department in which you are interested where you will find the specifics for that department. If you still have questions, call the chairperson for additional help. Look for Pre-entry some cases pre-registration is required several weeks prior to the fair. Entry forms are in the center of the book or can be printed from the website. Be sure your form is postmarked by the deadline. Having pre-entry data helps volunteers to plan for space and material needs. In some cases classes are judged and displayed prior to the fair. Please note: ALL premium checks wil be mailed the week following the fair, and must be cashed within sixty (60) days, after which they are void.

You will also find an “Entry Time” for each event so that you will know when to arrive with your entries. Once you arrive at the fairgrounds you will get a “fair ID” and be directed to the right place. The “Release Time” or “Required Pick-up Date” for each item lets you know when to pick up your items or when you may leave.

Volunteers are working to make this entry process as efficient as possible. A fair is only as good as its exhibits and participating exhibitors!! There is something for everyone...and anyone can enter! Copies of the catalog are available at Williamson County Recreation Centers, Libraries, and Senior Citizen Centers, the Ag Extension Office, the Ag Expo Park office and the Williamson County Mayor’s Office.

1099 Information: If you exceed $600.00 in total premiums, you will need to file a W-9 Form. These are available in the fair office, or can be printed from the link below. Premium checks will not be issued unless we have the completed W-9 form.
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