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Trophies and ribbons won by the fair through the years at state and international conventions.

2021 Tennessee Association of Fairs

  • 1st Place - Scrapbook - Digital
  • 2nd Place - Poster
1st place digital scrapbook at state convention


2nd Place for poster at state convention


2021 International Association of Fairs & Expos

  • 1st Place – Agriculture Awards - Newly Established or Evolving Program/Exhibit at your Fair Which Promotes Agriculture to the Fair-going Public – "Be a Farmer – Learn to Drive a Tractor"
  • 2nd Place – Agriculture Awards – Agriculture Individual Photo (Misc.) – “Baby Pigs in Birthing Pig Exhibit”
  • 2nd Place – Innovation in Sponsorship – Sponsorship Innovation – “SOAR Franklin – Miniature Putt-Putt Golf Course Scorecard”
  • 2nd Place – Communications Awards – At-Home Activities – “Senior Day Virtual Bingo 2020”
  • 3rd Place – Communications Awards – Online Advertisements – “Online Ticket Sales Promotion Ad”
  • 3rd Place – Agriculture Awards – Agriculture Individual Photo (Horticulture/Crops) – “Best of Show Pumpkin”

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