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Puppy dog displaying pet policy
No pets of any kind are allowed on the premises of the Williamson County Fair.

The only exceptions are as follows:
1. As a part of an approved entertainment program while remaining only in the designated areas, meeting applicable health and legal requirements, including the proper insurance as required by the Williamson County Fair Association, Inc. for all exhibitors and vendors, and remaining under the control of the exhibitor at all times. Upon the conclusion of any animals portion of an entertainment program, such animals shall be returned to their caged area on the Fair Grounds, if it is a permanent part of the entertainment program, or such animals shall be removed from the Fair Grounds by its owner if they are only a participant/competitor in the entertainment program.

2. As service animals or service animals in training, properly restrained and identified.

3. Vendors are discouraged but allowed to have animals as part of their exhibits where the animal is approved by the Williamson County Fair Association, Inc. and is a necessary and vital part of the display, if the following conditions are met:
a. Animal should always be under control and restricted to the booth area that has been purchased by the vendor.
b. All necessary health and legal requirements must be met. Animal must be provided with a cool shaded area and fresh water and never left in a parked automobile.
c. Vendors must bring the animal in and take it out before or after regular high traffic times, using the most direct route between the booth and the exit. The animal must be muzzled on a lead or in a crate during transport.
d. No one may parade or walk the animal throughout the exhibits, booths or other Fairground areas during operating hours.

4. The Williamson County Fair Association reserves the right to have an animal removed from the premises in the event that the above conditions are not met or the animal is perceived to pose a threat or unreasonable inconvenience to Fair patrons.
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