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Photography Policy

Williamson County Fair Photography Policy

Photo Policy

Photo, video and audio may be taken by WCFA for promotional purposes. By entering the Williamson County Fair Premises, you consent, waive all rights to royalties and release WCFA of any liability. You agree to your likeness used, published or reproduced in any and all media which can be used, now or in the future, for any purpose by or in connection with the Williamson County Fair, its sponsors, organizers and providers. For additional information or to opt out of this agreement, consent, waiver and release, please contact

Photography & Video Footage Guidelines for Individuals or Crews

Photography and video are allowed on the Premises during the Fair, pursuant to the following guidelines:
a. Professional or amateur videographers/photographers (collectively, “Photographers”) not engaged by WCFA must complete and submit a photography request to, wait for approval, sign a location use agreement, and wait for entry instructions before bringing equipment and taking photographs and video footage on the Premises.

b. Photographers may not take photographs and video footage of individuals without their consent. Photographers must obtain a signed written consent waiver form from each person they photograph or record video footage of within the Premises. Taking photographs and video footage of any person under the age of eighteen (18) without the consent of parent/guardian, is strictly prohibited.

c. All individuals or crews taking still photographs or video footage must be self-contained and “mobile” with no free-standing equipment such as lights, backdrops, electrical cords, etc.

d. Individuals or crews cannot impede foot or vehicle traffic or interfere with any exhibit, vendor space, performance, or fair guest experience (this includes a request to suspend operations of any of those listed above to accommodate a shoot).

e. Video footage or photography of entertainment/acts/artists while they are performing during the Fair without the entertainment/acts/artist’s prior written permission, is strictly prohibited.

f. The use of photo, video, and sound equipment on any of the rides or ticketed attractions is strictly prohibited.

g. The unauthorized operation or use of any unmanned aerial vehicle on or above the Premises is strictly prohibited. This includes all UAVs, commonly known as “drones,” regardless of commercial or recreational purpose. Any UAV(s) observed at or near the Premises will be reported to local law enforcement and the Federal Aviation Administration.

h. Individuals or crews taking photographs or gathering video footage cannot advertise or distribute any promotional materials or information (such as flyers, stickers, buttons, brochures, etc.) while on the Premises.

i. Photographers may not take photographs of any company logos on concession stands or exhibits. Photographers are responsible for seeking and obtaining written permission from the business owner(s).

j. If the Photographer wishes to take still photography and/or filmed interviews, the Photographers are responsible for seeking and obtaining written permission from the individual(s) being photographed or interviewed.

k. WCFA reserves the right to terminate any photography or filming on the Premises which it deems inappropriate or intrusive.

l. Photographer shall be responsible for procuring and maintaining general liability insurance in an amount no less than Two Million and 00/100 Dollars ($2,000,000.00) on each claim, and shall name THE WILLIAMSON COUNTY FAIR ASSOCIATION, INC. AND WILLIAMSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE GOVERNMENT AS AN ADDITIONAL INSURED. Photographers understand that WCFA is in no way now or hereafter responsible for any kind or type of insurance for Photographers and Photographers shall be responsible for any and all claims made by or through Photographers.
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