The Chick Hatchery
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Children looking at the baby chicks that hatched during the fair

The Chick Hatchery has quickly become a fair favorite. Watch live as chicks hatch right before your eyes!

Did You Know...
  • That chicks typically hatch at day 21?
  • That it can take 1-24 hours for a chick to completely hatch?
  • That chicks cannot regulate their body temperature after hatching?
  • That they must be left in the incubator to stay warm, rest and dry off?
  • That they must be kept in a warm house called a brooder for several weeks until their adult feathers come in.
  • That a hen is capable of laying an egg every 24-26 hours?
Learn more fun facts when you visit the fair!
The chick hatchery display case with baby chicks inside
A baby chick
Children looking through the hatching cabinet at baby chicks

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