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To help deserving Williamson County students pursue undergraduate studies.

The Award:

The Williamson County Fair will award two (2) or more one (1) year scholarships, with the total monies not to exceed $4,000 (paid after the recipient satisfactorily completes his/her 1st college semester and obtains at least a 2.75 GPA), and will be paid directly to the college or institution of higher learning in which students are enrolled.

2023 Application:

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The W.C. Fair Board implemented a Scholarship Program in 2013, which was open to high school seniors and then current college freshmen. In 2014, and going forward, scholarships are available to existing high school seniors only. As stated by Chairman, Rogers Anderson, this program was established because "it is important for our youth to realize the value of being involved in their community, and providing some scholarship funds as a token of appreciation for their involvement with the fair is one way we can acknowledge their service and show how much we appreciate them". The Scholarship Committee received six (6) applications and unanimously agreed to award funding to each applicant for the 2013 inaugural process. $7,800 in scholarships were awarded to the Williamson County students.

Williamson County Fair Scholarship Summary - 2013-2021

Scholarships Awarded - 22
Total Awarded = $37,800

2021 Scholarship Recipient

Rebekah Jones (Columbia State CC)

2020 Scholarship Recipients

Sydney Lamb (Columbia State CC)
Kelsey Moore (University of Tennessee)
Isaiah Osborne (Middle Tennessee State University)
Sierra Rigsby (Columbia State CC)
Kendall Warpool (University of Tennessee)

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Amber Hiscock (University of Tennessee)
Christine McCollum (University of Tennessee)

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Wyatt Haley (University of Tennessee)
Noah Daniels (University of Alabama Huntsville)

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Hannah Gordon (Mississippi State University)
Ashley Haylett (University of Tennessee)

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Emily Sanders (UT Martin)
Christian Schweer (Lee University)
Colin Stanley (UT Martin)
Tyler Haley (TN College of Applied Technology)

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Jeremiah Daniels (Middle Tennessee State University)
Julianna Jones (UT Chattanooga)
Hayley Ann Slade (Columbia State CC)

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Victoria Schweer (UT Chattanooga)
Christopher Stanley (University of Tennessee)

2013 Scholarship Recipients

Katy Sanders (UT Martin)
Laura Darnell (Independence HS)
Holly Stewart (Columbia State CC)
Thomas Itin (Tulane University)
Olivia Cesnik (Page HS)
Lindsey Landrum (University of Mississippi)
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