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Jr. Fair Board


The mission of the Junior Fair Board is "to promote, encourage, and stimulate youth involvement in the civic welfare of Williamson County, TN and the surrounding geographical area by providing leadership opportunity, by promoting public relations skills, and by facilitating interaction with other committee members."

Fun at the Fair

Join the Jr. Fair Board

Applications for the 2020 Williamson County Fair Board are currently being accepted now through February 28th. No late applications will be accepted.

What's involved in being a Junior Fair Board Member?
The JFB is comprised of 25 students ages 13-20 that lead various aspects of the fair, including an activity table as well as being responsible for behind the scenes fair projects and job shadowing opportunities. All members are required to attend monthly meetings from April-August and work a minimum of 15 hours during the fair. Failure to complete working requirements will result in position being revoked. The 2020 Williamson County Fair is August 7-15th. There are currently 8 empty seats available. JFB members are responsible for keeping up with their own schedules and communication with fair leaders.

How to Apply
Application involves a simple questionnaire then a fair committee will help determine who will best fill the vacant seats. Every applicant will receive an email on March 6th. If accepted, student has until March 9th to accept the position. If no response is given by this date the seat will then be offered to the first person on the wait list. Please make sure the email entered on the application is one that is checked often!

If you are interested in interviewing for an officer position, please mark that on your application and you will receive an email to verify. Officer interviews will take place 5:00 - 6:00pm Friday, March 27th at the UTExtension Office.

Apply by clicking on the link below. If you have any questions, please email Christy Beattie at Looking forward to a FUN 2020 Fair!!
Christy Beattie
Williamson County Fair Board Member, Junior Fair Board Committee Leader

Jr. Fair Board Bylaws

2020 JFB Meeting Dates

April 17th 6:30 PM UTExtension Office Front Meeting Room
May 15th 6:30 PM UTExtension Office Front Meeting Room
June 23rd 6:30 PM UTExtension Office Front Meeting Room
July 14th 6:30 PM UTExtension Office Front Meeting Room
August 25th 6:30 PM UTExtension Office Front Meeting Room
(Meeting Room is located at the Williamson County Ag Expo Park)

2019 Jr. Fair Board Officers

Amber Hiscock

Amber Hiscock

Isaiah Osborne

Isaiah Osborne

Vice Chairman
Leah Kennedy

Leah Kennedy


2019 Jr. Fair Board Members

Sydney Aslan
Alice Beattie
Jessie Cannon
Kaia Chesbro
Eleanor Israel
Wilson Israel
RuthAnn Johns
Rebekah Jones
Ryan Keller
Hursha Kondee
Samuel Lamb
Sydney Lamb
Yusuf Lbhalla
Christine McCollum
Lydia McCollum
Kelsey Moore
Presley Noland
Hannah Osborne
Will Poynor
Sierra Rigsby
Bella Taylor
Kendall Warpool
Neal Wheatley

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