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Dept. 400 - Cultural Arts

Department Chair

Ronnie Leftwich 615-663-8739

Cultural Arts Divisions are as follows:

Division 400 - JUDGED ART SHOW
Division 405 - JUDGED SUSTAINABLE ART SHOW (new this year)
Division 410 - WILLIAMSON COUNTY FINE ARTS: Student Exhibition
Divisions 420-422 - PHOTOGRAPHY
Division 430 - FILM
Division 440 - SONGWRITING

*Please Note: On-line entry recommended by July 29 for Judged Art, Judged Sustainable Art, and the Student Exhibition. On-line entry is REQUIRED for Photography, Film and Songwriting. See catalog for specific entry dates and instructions

On-line Entry

*On-line Entry Available Beginning June 27th*

Photography exhibitors should enter online, pay entry fees, and print a paid receipt. Attach receipt to photos and drop off at the front desk of any Williamson County Parks & Rec Centers during normal business hours. See Page 47 of the catalog for complete details.
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