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Fair Impact

As the profile of the Williamson County Fair illustrates, Fairs entertain and educate, but they also have immense economic, educational, social and cultural impacts. Economic impacts range from spending by attendees and businesses to nonprofit fundraising to job creation and to tax revenues. From people’s paychecks to community services, the return on investment from fairs is widespread. Fairs, however, represent much more than dollars-and-cents. Fairs offer a link between urban and rural Tennessee. They serve as tools for educating Tennesseans about the importance of agriculture and introducing young people to both traditional and innovative aspects of life on the farm. Fairs reach far beyond their agrarian roots and encourage industries and individuals to strive for excellence through competitions. Winning the blue ribbon at a fair competition is a great incentive to showcase the best of Tennessee. Through their social and cultural impacts, fairs embody the community spirit and highlight the diversity of Williamson County and Tennessee.

For more Sponsorship information please contact:
Cheryl Burnside
Phone: (615) 584-7411

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