Sing Your Heart Out Winners
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Sing Your Heart Out Winners

High School & Overall Winner - Emily Sullivan

Overall winner of the vocal competition Emily Sullivan
Taylor Schweer: SYHO Chair
Elementary School Winner: Emma Townsend
Middle School Winner: Skylar Goodfriend
2021 Overall Winner: London Snell


Elementary winner Emma Townsend; 2nd place Memphis Isom and 3rd place Anna Baez
Winner: Emma Townsend
2nd Place: Memphis Isom
3rd Place: Anna Baez

Middle School

Middle School winner Skylar Goodfriend, 2nd place Emma Baez and 3rd place Meredith Hollins
Winner: Skylar Goodfriend
2nd Place: Emma Baez
3rd Place: Meredith Hollins

High School

High school winner Emily Sullivan, 2nd place Hailey Hornby and 3rd place Hailee Elizer
Winner: Emily Sullivan
2nd Place: Hailey Hornby
3rd Place: Hailee Elizer
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