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Jurassic Kingdom Dinosaur Show

Date: Aug 03 - Aug 08, 2018
Time: 6:00 PM
Prehistoric Fun!

JURASSIC KINGDOM is a full blown dinosaur show that is a perfect mix of entertainment and education. Join us for some "EDU-TAINMENT" as you learn about these prehistoric creatures in a fun way. Experience the giant dinosaurs as they come to life, touching and interacting with them throughout the show!

Through this fun demonstration of the fossils you'll learn about various dinosaurs.
  • Fossils claw from a Baryonyx
  • Skull from a Coelophysis
  • Cast of a foot print from a Ornithopod
  • Egg of a Triceratops
  • Tooth of a Megalodon
Dinosaurs appearing in the show:
  • Terry - a comical talking Pterodactyl
  • Jack - a 2 month old Brontosaurus
  • Sarah - a new born Triceratops
  • Lucy - a 5 year old full grown Velociraptor
  • Sparky - a 2 year old T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus)
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