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Catalog & On-Line Entry

Enter a competitive event at the 2017 Williamson County Fair. Click the link on the left for a downloadable copy of the 2017 Premium Catalog, or go to the individual Department of interest.

Whether it's Agriculture, Creative Arts, Culinary Arts, Cultural Arts, Livestock, 4-H & Youth, Pageants or our Vocal Competition, there's something for everyone so enter today!

On-line entries are now open. Showcase your talents....and who just might win a blue ribbon!

Please refer to the individual Departments and Divisions for complete details, rules and regulations, and deadlines.

*NOTE* - On-line entry is not available for Pageants and Sing Your Heart Out. Entry form with payment must be mailed due to the required information needed.

To enter go to 2017 On-line Registration. Only Division 270, Standard Flower Show, and Division 400, Judged Art Show are still open to entry online.


Division 130 - Farm Eggs Contest

Culinary Arts
Division 305, Class 12 - "Williamson County Wide" Best Apple Pie

4-H & Youth
Legos for Children 10 & Under
Horticulture for Children 10 & Under
Field Crops for Children 10 & Under
4-H & Youth Farm Eggs

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